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Crosman Airsoft Rifles Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical

Crosman Airsoft Rifles Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical Product Details

  • Color: Black

  • Brand: Crosman

  • Model: P50

  • Released on: 2010-08-01

  • Number of items: 1

  • Dimensions: 3.75" h x 15.00" w x 22.00" l, 4.60 pounds


  • caliber: 6mm

  • velocity: 300.00 ft/sec

  • Warranty: 30 Day Limited Warranty

  • Special OPS


Crosman Airsoft Rifles Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical Product Description

High quality .20 caliber pellets designed for the power and accuracy of the Benjamin PCP guns

Crosman Airsoft Rifles Softair-Stinger 34 Tactical Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

103 of 113 people found the following review helpful.
5Amazing Sniper!!!
By A Customer
[...] with a velocity i clocked at 300-310 fps (feet per second), this can be a short and can also be a long range sniper if you know how to aim. i outfitted mine with a Leapers 4x20 AR-15 scope and Weaver rail bipod, and i never miss from distances around 100-150 feet. i also use high grade 20 and 28 gram match grade bbs and i never miss. i agree with J. Vallejo in the sense that it is pretty sturdy when running around. if you actually play airsoft, than i suggest getting a spotter and a semi-automatic sidearm for close quarters combat. i also suggest getting a ghillie suit. as for the red cross sight and flashlight and other features, i rate them as follows:

Red Cross Sight: 5/5i don't use it anymore (i got a scope), but when i did i was actually surprised with it's accuracy.

Flashlight: 5/5 Again i was surprised. i thought that it would be cheap, but it illuminates a good distance and performs well under fire.

Foregrip 4/5 It performs well if you use your r34 for an assault rifle. but if you are a sniper, it is not needed.

High-capacity magazine 3/5 It works well, holding 400 rounds. but it can only hold 18 at one time. once these are gone, you then need to shake 18 more in. this gets annoying.

Overall 30/10 This gun is absolutely amazing. do not let the price fool you. i am no rookie at airsoft, and this gun can hold up against high priced aegs. so if you have [...] dollars, BUY IT. IT WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN IN TARGET PRACTICE OR COMBAT.

p.s. buy a nice scope, weaver rail bipod,high grade 20 gram or above bbs, a nice sidearm, and a ghillie suit and you will rule the battlefield!

Happy Sniping

49 of 54 people found the following review helpful.
4Awesome, A Great Beginner Gun
By Idorania
I received this on Christmas and was super excited, as I put this one specifically on my list. In 10 minutes, I set up the gel target (read my review on it) in my basement, assembled the gun, and began to fire.

This package comes with, of course, the gun, a sight (not a laser sight), a 500 BB starter container, an extra clip, and a strap. The strap can be hard to attach to the gun, but once you attach it, it can be to very effective use in an Airsoft war.

Without the sight, it has excellent accuracy. The sight is really crappy, so don't use it. This is one of the reasons I gave this 4 stars. When I put it on and tried to use it, it shot at the wall in my basement, and not the target at which I was aiming at. I adjusted it the best I could but, alas, it was still crappy. So I never use it. However, I realized that at the beginning of the handle that protrudes from the gun at the top, there was a little sight thingy that looks like a backward uppercase L with a small hole on each side. You can flip it up and down for short or long range. There is also a little stick thingy an the top of the triangle near the muzzle. So it would be best to use your own judgement rather than to use a sight.

Excellent. I haven't yet used this gun in an Airsoft war, but on the gel target, the impact craters are easily visible. If you hit a solid object accidentally, the BB will go ricocheting around the room, so be careful! (I recommend safety glasses)

Quality is one thing Airsofters focus on. Overall, the quality of this gun is stunning. Many spring Airsoft guns are composed of cheap plastic, but the R34 is heavy duty, sturdy plastic. There is no visible metal parts, only the barrel inside the gun is metal.

This gun is a spring gun, so you need to cock it after every shot. THIS GUN IS NOT SEMI-AUTO OR FULL AUTO! ONLY FOR "COSMETIC REASONS."

I hope this review is helpful, and comment if you need more info. A must buy for any beginner or as a secondary weapon for experienced Airsofters!

60 of 68 people found the following review helpful.
5Awsome gun, sight it in before using.
By Tha Killa
I bought this gun at walmart about seven months ago, and its nver let me down since. The LED flashlight is awsome, but the scope is even better. Most reviews say the scope is terrible, but all you have to do is move it around the rail until its in perfect position, about five minutes is all that takes. Then it will work fine. The FPS wasnt enough to break my skin, but leaves a mark. The first thing I do when I buy a new airsoft gun, is put my habd over the barrel and shoot. If it doesnt hurt, its backup. This gun stung a bit, so I use it a lot in wars. It has a nice range, and nicer mag. Lasts a long time. If youre gonna use this gun as your primary, I recomend a pistol with a clip with a resovoir, while you reload the R34.
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